Sehr interessanter englischer Bericht zur von FIAT geplanten Marktpositionierung Lancias, ausserdem interessante Insiderinfos zum Lancia Thesis und dem Grund der verspäteten Markteinführung. (Zitat: "Project suppliers report that no fewer than 46 on-board microprocessors are not interfacing as they should and that has delayed production approval.")


The 1990s - Lancia's 'lost decade'

Much of what went wrong with Lancia is evident in some of the products served up in the 1990s. For example, the Lancia Delta hatchback was originally planned for launch in the mid-1980s, but was the victim of several policy changes at Fiat and was actually launched onto the market in 1994. By then, it never really stood a chance and even the blindingly fast Integrale variant, which achieved rally success, could not stave off the criticisms. The Lancia Y10 sub-supermini hatchback (a debateable segment for Lancia to be heavily into anyway) also met criticism for poor driving dynamics. As for the Lancia Dedra, the BMW 3 Series pretensions were confounded by the sheer ordinariness of the car....

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